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Sick Visits services offered in Greater Boston Area, North Andover, Stoneham, Stoneham, DRACUT and Wilmington, MA

If you catch a cold or the seasonal flu, don’t wait to schedule a sick visit. Early intervention and treatment can reduce the risk of complications and help you feel better sooner. At Today’s Wellness and Primary Care, Mohammed Jaleel, MD, Chloe Fish, NP, and the team provide sick visits to people ages 12 and older. Call the nearest office or book online today to make an appointment in Wilmington, Reading, North Andover, or Stoneham, Massachusetts.

Sick Visits Q & A

What are sick visits?

A sick visit is a quick, outpatient appointment that diagnoses an acute illness, like the seasonal flu, strep throat, or bronchitis. If you develop symptoms like a runny nose or a sore throat, and they don’t respond to at-home treatments like over-the-counter decongestants, make an appointment at Today’s Wellness and Primary Care.

What conditions do sick visits diagnose?

At Today’s Wellness and Primary Care, the team uses sick visits to diagnose a variety of acute illnesses, including:

  • The common cold
  • The seasonal flu
  • COVID-19
  • Bronchitis
  • Strep throat
  • Ear infections
  • Pinkeye 
  • Headaches
  • Coughs 
  • Fevers

You might also benefit from a sick visit if you experience gastrointestinal symptoms like vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, or constipation.

When does an acute illness require a sick visit?

Make an appointment with the team at Today’s Wellness and Primary Care if you experience symptoms that last for more than a day or two and don’t improve. That’s especially true if you have a fever greater than 101.3 degrees Fahrenheit or experience wheezing or shortness of breath.

What happens during sick visits?

At Today’s Wellness and Primary Care, the team performs sick visits on-site.

At the beginning of the appointment, your provider reviews your medical records and asks about your symptoms, including when they started, if certain activities make them worse, and if they respond to at-home treatments.

Next, your provider conducts a complete physical. They examine your ears, eyes, nose, and throat and order laboratory tests, including blood work, urinalysis, and a throat culture if necessary. These tests help your provider determine the source of your discomfort.

After making a diagnosis, your provider develops a custom treatment plan. Typically, that includes a combination of rest, drinking plenty of fluids, and taking your medication as prescribed.

What should I bring to a sick visit?

The team at Today’s Wellness and Primary Care recommends bringing the following information to your sick visit:

  • Names of the vitamins, supplements, and medications you take
  • Results from any recent medical tests
  • List of the medical conditions you’re living with
  • Health insurance information

If you have any questions or concerns, make sure to write those down as well.

To learn more about the benefits of sick visits, make an appointment at Today’s Wellness and Primary Care by calling the nearest office or booking online today.